Busy Night at Welcome Back Barbecue

September 20th may have been a chilly evening in Swan Hills, but the school's large gymnasium was warm and cheerful as it was quickly filled with staff, students, parents, and community members who gathered for the annual Welcome Back Barbecue. Although no official count was taken, over 400 hot dogs were served, and all tables and most of the bleacher space was taken by guests who came by to visit and mingle with friends and neighbours. 

The Welcome Back Barbecue ran from 5pm to 7pm Wednesday evening, with Swan Hills School staff serving hot dogs, potato chips, and Freezies to the many guests who filled the gym for the majority of the evening. The new addition to the school's staff, Slade Sekulich, Principal, handed out  dessert and met several parents. The event appeared successful, with a large number of attendees who visited for dinner and stayed to visit..