Starting the Day Out Right

Starting October 16, the Breakfast Program will provide nutritious food once a week to Swan Hills School’s students in grades K-12.  This is funded by money donated by Secure Energy and donations from the Food Bank.  Starting soon, we will be expanding the program to include a daily “grab and go” breakfast for our elementary students. This part of our program is provided through funding from the Alberta government’s School Nutrition Program.  The food will be prepared each morning by volunteers from our staff and community and offered to all students who choose to participate. There is no cost to parents.

Division 1 students will be offered items such as yogurt, cheese, muffins, granola bars, fruit, and hard-boiled eggs. Division 2, 3 & 4 breakfasts will include the above foods as well as breakfast burritos, ham and eggers, french toast, and pancakes.  

Swan Hills School chooses to participate in this program because research shows that there is a direct link between healthy and nutritious eating and academic success. It is one more way to show our dedication to student success.